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gcc3_linux_x86-64/abi.hxx File Reference
#include <typelib/typedescription.hxx>
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bool x86_64::examine_argument (typelib_TypeDescriptionReference *pTypeRef, bool bInReturn, int &nUsedGPR, int &nUsedSSE) throw ()
bool x86_64::return_in_hidden_param (typelib_TypeDescriptionReference *pTypeRef) throw ()
 Does function that returns this type use a hidden parameter, or registers? More...
void x86_64::fill_struct (typelib_TypeDescriptionReference *pTypeRef, const sal_uInt64 *pGPR, const double *pSSE, void *pStruct) throw ()


const sal_uInt32 x86_64::MAX_GPR_REGS = 6
const sal_uInt32 x86_64::MAX_SSE_REGS = 8