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zoomtools.cxx File Reference
#include <basegfx/utils/zoomtools.hxx>
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namespace  basegfx
namespace  basegfx::zoomtools


static sal_uInt16 basegfx::zoomtools::roundMultiple (sal_uInt16 nCurrent, int nMultiple)
 Round a value against a specified multiple. More...
static sal_uInt16 basegfx::zoomtools::roundZoom (double nCurrent)
 Convert geometric progression results into more common values by rounding them against certain multiples depending on the size. More...
static sal_uInt16 basegfx::zoomtools::enforceStep (sal_uInt16 nCurrent, sal_uInt16 nPrevious, unsigned int nStep)
 Make sure that a certain step isn't skipped during the zooming progress. More...
sal_uInt16 basegfx::zoomtools::zoomIn (sal_uInt16 nCurrent)
 Increasing the zoom level. More...
sal_uInt16 basegfx::zoomtools::zoomOut (sal_uInt16 nCurrent)
 Decreasing the zoom level. More...


const double basegfx::zoomtools::ZOOM_FACTOR = 1.12246205
 2^(1/6) as the default step More...