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rectcliptools.hxx File Reference
#include <sal/types.h>
#include <basegfx/range/b2ibox.hxx>
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namespace  basegfx
namespace  basegfx::utils
namespace  basegfx::utils::RectClipFlags


template<class Point , class Rect >
sal_uInt32 basegfx::utils::getCohenSutherlandClipFlags (const Point &rP, const Rect &rR)
 Calc clip mask for Cohen-Sutherland rectangle clip. More...
template<class Point >
sal_uInt32 basegfx::utils::getCohenSutherlandClipFlags (const Point &rP, const B2IBox &rB)
 Cohen-Sutherland mask calculation - overload for boxes. More...


const sal_uInt32 basegfx::utils::RectClipFlags::LEFT = sal_Int32(0x01)
const sal_uInt32 basegfx::utils::RectClipFlags::RIGHT = sal_Int32(0x02)
const sal_uInt32 basegfx::utils::RectClipFlags::TOP = sal_Int32(0x04)
const sal_uInt32 basegfx::utils::RectClipFlags::BOTTOM = sal_Int32(0x08)