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20#pragma once
26namespace basegfx::utils
42 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon solveCrossovers(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidate,
43 size_t* pPointLimit = nullptr);
53 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon solveCrossovers(const B2DPolygon& rCandidate);
64 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon stripNeutralPolygons(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidate);
87 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon stripDispensablePolygons(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidate, bool bKeepAboveZero = false);
99 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon createNonzeroConform(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidate);
101 // For convenience: the four basic operations OR, XOR, AND and DIFF for
102 // two PolyPolygons. These are combinations of the above methods. To not be forced
103 // to do evtl. already done preparations twice, You have to do the operations Yourself.
105 // A source preparation consists of preparing it to be seen as XOR-Rule PolyPolygon,
106 // so it is freed of intersections, self-intersections and the orientations are corrected.
107 // Important is that it will define the same areas as before, but is intersection-free.
108 // As an example think about a single polygon looping in itself and having holes. To
109 // topologically correctly handle this, it is necessary to remove all intersections and
110 // to correct the orientations. The orientation of the isolated holes e.g. will be negative.
111 // Topologically it is necessary to prepare each polygon which is seen as entity. It is
112 // not sufficient just to concatenate them and prepare the result, this may be topologically
113 // different since the simple concatenation will be seen as XOR. To work correctly, You
114 // may need to OR those polygons.
117 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon prepareForPolygonOperation(const B2DPolygon& rCandidate);
119 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon prepareForPolygonOperation(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidate);
122 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon solvePolygonOperationOr(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidateA, const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidateB);
125 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon solvePolygonOperationXor(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidateA, const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidateB);
128 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon solvePolygonOperationAnd(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidateA, const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidateB);
131 BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon solvePolygonOperationDiff(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidateA, const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidateB);
142} // end of namespace basegfx::utils
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Definition: basegfxdllapi.h:35
B2DPolyPolygon createNonzeroConform(const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidate)
Emulate nonzero winding rule filling.
B2DPolyPolygon prepareForPolygonOperation(const B2DPolygon &rCandidate)
prep for ops - solve self-intersections and intersections, remove neutral parts and check orientation...
B2DPolyPolygon solvePolygonOperationOr(const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidateA, const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidateB)
OR: Return all areas where CandidateA or CandidateB exist.
B2DPolyPolygon solvePolygonOperationAnd(const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidateA, const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidateB)
AND: Return all areas where CandidateA and CandidateB exist.
B2DPolyPolygon solvePolygonOperationXor(const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidateA, const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidateB)
XOR: Return all areas where CandidateA or CandidateB exist, but not both.
B2DPolyPolygon stripNeutralPolygons(const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidate)
Strip neutral polygons from PolyPolygon.
B2DPolyPolygon solveCrossovers(const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidate, size_t *pPointLimit)
Solve all crossovers (aka self-intersections) in a polyPolygon.
B2DPolyPolygon mergeToSinglePolyPolygon(const B2DPolyPolygonVector &rInput)
merge all single PolyPolygons to a single, OR-ed PolyPolygon
B2DPolyPolygon stripDispensablePolygons(const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidate, bool bKeepAboveZero)
Remove unnecessary/non-displayed polygons.
B2DPolyPolygon solvePolygonOperationDiff(const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidateA, const B2DPolyPolygon &rCandidateB)
DIFF: Return all areas where CandidateA is not covered by CandidateB (cut B out of A)
::std::vector< B2DPolyPolygon > B2DPolyPolygonVector