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Audio / video Media Implementation.

Provides per-platform implementations of multimedia functionality. Currently no stream API is provided, only a URI based one, so streaming has to be wrapped around it via temp files.

Also provides (in source/framework/mediacontrol.cxx) an implementation of the graphical media playback control that appears in the toolbar / mediaobject bar when media is selected under the .uno:AVMediaToolBox item.

avmedia / gstreamer

The avmedia component is implementation of manager service defined in offapi/com/sun/star/media/. Radek has added implementation based on gstreamer so that we can add audio and video files into impress presentation on Linux with gstreamer.

The implementation is pretty straightforward, sometimes it has problems when gstreamer installation is incomplete.

In the beginning the media files were not embedded, Thorsten added support for that later.

Future Works

it might be worthwhile to revamp the avmedia UI.