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HIDRemoteControlDevice Class Reference

#import <HIDRemoteControlDevice.h>

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Instance Methods

(BOOL- processesBacklog
(void- setProcessesBacklog:
(void- setCookieMappingInDictionary:
(void- sendRemoteButtonEvent:pressedDown:
- Instance Methods inherited from RemoteControl
(id) - initWithDelegate:
(void- setListeningToRemote:
(BOOL- isListeningToRemote
(BOOL- isOpenInExclusiveMode
(void- setOpenInExclusiveMode:
(void- startListening:
(void- stopListening:
(BOOL- sendsEventForButtonIdentifier:

Class Methods

(BOOL+ isRemoteAvailable
- Class Methods inherited from RemoteControl
(void+ sendFinishedNotificationForAppIdentifier:
(void+ sendRequestForRemoteControlNotification
(const char *) + remoteControlDeviceName

Protected Attributes

IOHIDDeviceInterface ** hidDeviceInterface
IOHIDQueueInterface ** queue
NSMutableArray * allCookies
NSMutableDictionary * cookieToButtonMapping
CFRunLoopSourceRef eventSource
BOOL fixSecureEventInputBug
BOOL openInExclusiveMode
BOOL processesBacklog
int supportedButtonEvents
- Protected Attributes inherited from RemoteControl
id delegate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

Method Documentation

+ (BOOL) isRemoteAvailable

Definition at line 64 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

References NO, and YES.

- (BOOL) processesBacklog

Definition at line 140 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

Referenced by setProcessesBacklog:.

- (void) sendRemoteButtonEvent: (RemoteControlEventIdentifier event
pressedDown: (BOOL pressedDown 

Definition at line 105 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

References RemoteControl::delegate, and void().

- (void) setCookieMappingInDictionary: (NSMutableDictionary*)  cookieToButtonMapping

Definition at line 109 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

References void().

- (void) setProcessesBacklog: (BOOL value

Definition at line 143 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.m.

References processesBacklog, value, and void().

Member Data Documentation

- (NSMutableArray*) allCookies

Definition at line 42 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

- (NSMutableDictionary*) cookieToButtonMapping

Definition at line 43 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

- (CFRunLoopSourceRef) eventSource

Definition at line 44 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

- (BOOL) fixSecureEventInputBug

Definition at line 46 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

- (IOHIDDeviceInterface**) hidDeviceInterface

Definition at line 40 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

- (BOOL) openInExclusiveMode

Definition at line 47 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

- (BOOL) processesBacklog

Definition at line 48 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

- (IOHIDQueueInterface**) queue

Definition at line 41 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

Referenced by QueueCallbackFunction().

- (int) supportedButtonEvents

Definition at line 50 of file HIDRemoteControlDevice.h.

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